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Create a quick link at the top of your Projects view to make switching between teams a little bit faster.

If you belong to multiple teams and spend most of your time in a few of them, then having a quick way to switch between them becomes all the more necessary. Luckily, by favouriting a team you can create a shortcut that allows you to quickly jump between teams to view your different project dashboards with minimal effort.

Favouriting Teams New 1 1

To favourite a team first click “Projects” in the navigation bar and then “All Teams” in the sub-navigation.

Favoriting Teams New 2

In the dropdown that opens, click the star next to the team you want to favourite. You’ll see that when you do, the team name appears in the sub-navigation next to “All Teams.” Now any time you want to switch into that team you can just click the team name to do so.

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