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Use the filter bar to filter projects by people, tags, projects, or keywords. Here's how.

The filter lets you organize your projects to help focus on what needs to get done. To open it, click "Filter" in the bottom right of the project header.
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Use the filter bar to filter projects by people, tags, projects, or keywords, and add multiple filters to narrow search results further. Just begin typing to see suggested filters. If none are suggested, hit Enter on your keyboard to add the filter. You can also click the flag icon in the filter to see only those tasks that you've flagged.

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You can also sort your projects to bring focus to or add priority to your tasks. To sort, click the "View" dropdown on the top right side of your project. If you select "List, manually," you can drag and drop tasks into the order you choose. Depending on the project you’re in, you can also choose sort by due date, task owner, or project. Click the sort order to apply it to your project.

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You can also sort and search by project colour while in the "Project Timelines" view. To do so, click the filter button, then enter in the color you'd like to sort by in the search field.

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