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To use Flow beyond the end of your free trial, visit app.getflow.com/upgrade and enter your payment information.


When you’ve decided if Flow is a good fit, you can purchase a subscription to continue using Flow beyond the trial end-date. To do so, open your account preferences by clicking the organization icon in the top left corner of the app and click "Billing and Organization Settings" in the dropdown.

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At the top of the settings page is information about your trial, along with an Upgrade button. Click this to move forward.

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In the "Choose a plan" dialog, select the plan that best suits your needs by clicking the organization-size dropdown. If, for example, you work with 8 people, the 10-person plan, which lets you invite up to 10 users, would be the best choice. You can click "Monthly" or "Annually" below the displayed amount to choose your billing schedule. If you have a organization that is larger than the plans listed, you can contact our team to discuss other options. We'll show you your subtotal on the next page so you can confirm the amount. If it does, click Continue again.

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Finally, if everything looks good, you'll enter your billing information, including billing address. If any billing details are incorrect, the fields will highlight red.

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When you’ve confirmed all the information in the form is correct, click "Purchase" at the bottom of the dialog to purchase your subscription. You will be brought to a success page once the payment is confirmed. If there was an issue with the charge, you will see an error. If you have trouble purchasing a subscription or if you encounter any other billing issues, please get in touch with our team any time.

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If you are a organization owner, you can download and view your available invoices in your Organization Settings by clicking "Manage subscription" and then clicking the "Billing History" link.

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